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Kit Kat - Otona no Amasa White Mini 11 pcs Japanese

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Kit Kat - Otona no Amasa White Mini 11 pcs

KitKat White is made with finely crushed black biscuits mixed in with creamy white chocolate and sandwiched between chocolate wafers. The white chocolate is made with milk from Hokkaido, Japan.

This package comes with 11 mini Kit Kat chocolate bars.

About Japanese Kit Kats

The Japanese really have taken Kit Kat chocolate to a whole new level, with endless amounts of rich, imaginative flavor ideas and amazing package designs. Are you bored of the regular Kit Kats you find in your local grocery store? Try some Japanese editions, you won't be disappointed.

Otona no Amasa

Otona no Amasa is a variation on the traditional chocolate bar produced by Nestle. While Otona no Amasa means 'sweetness for adults', but can be enjoyed by anyone.

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